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Great breakfast!

We thought about how to guarantee you a tasty breakfast in total safety and we created the "breakfast under cloche"; all the products you choose will be covered and divided into portions: so you can enjoy the start of the day in our large and bright breakfast veranda which allows us to guarantee you the optimal safety distances

Allow yourself the time to choose something really special from the buffet: a wide selection of cakes and desserts, including the strudel.
Organic jams and mix of cereals to accompany local fresh milk.
Typical cured meats, like speck with the wow effect given by malga cheeses of different types.
Wide selection of juices and hot drinks.

We've decided to dedicate a special area to gluten-free products, to start the day in the best way for all our guests.

If there is not enough time to enjoy the moment, the aroma of an excellent coffee, accompanied by a fragrant brioches will be our "Good morning on the fly"!

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