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Breakfast "good morning"


Breakfast in the new "America1923" hall

We have studied the best ways to make you start the day with a smile.In these first months of 2024, great changes are underway to best celebrate our 101 years. 

We are happy to be able to say Good morning to you in the renovated areas of the bar and breakfast room "America 1923", with the best sweet and savory buffet offer, an Italian-style café expertly managed by our staff in a welcoming and unique environment.

Bistrot "El Merican"  completely renovated.

An intimate room, perfect for business meetings or relaxation away from prying eyes and a large veranda, with a colonial style and plenty of space for extended meetings or aperitifs in company.

You can have your break at every day time and choose "something good" to eat!

"El Merican" bistrot is a tipical italian coffee-bar with a special plus: you may choose "something good" to eat, a selection of easy and tasty cold and warm dishes that you can order at every day time, even in the middle of the afternoon or between a meeting and a skypecall with your boss.

Easy breakfast


A quick but tasty good morning!

The "Easy breakfast" is for all customers who don't like having a big breakfast or for those who have to start the day very early and don't have time to enjoy the start of the day on the veranda.
This service is included in the "Room only" room price for all guests who book directly on our site!


Easy breakfast includes: hot drink (coffee, cappuccino or barley), freshly filled croissant and juice.

Bike Area

Underground covered parking for bicycles with e-bike charging stations

You can rent a city bike with luggage rack and lock with a price of €20.00 per person per day; you can also rent an e-bike to broaden your horizons and discover the surroundings of the city: price 40,00€ per persona per day.

Workshop area always available for small repairs and tire inflation.


E-bike charging station available.

Discover our services

OPEN RECEPTION 24/24h with concierge service from our staff to offer you solutions and advice.

EL MERICAN BISTROT, the place where you can find "Something good" and enjoy the dishes all day long.
Selection of hot and cold dishes or fast salads, all proposals designed with the heart and made with local products and really, really good... we can guarantee it!

FITNESS ROOM, open to all guests of the Hotel and America Apartments.
A selection of machines recommended by Technogym experts and some special gems, such as the Indoor Rower or the seated exercise bike, as well as all the ground or wall-mounted exercise equipment.
HOURS: from 8.00 to 22.00, every da.

BIKE RENTAL daily rental for Hotel and America Apartments guests.
Rental price per person per day € 18.00.
Book your bikes in advance by writing to

Classic and easy-to-handle bicycles to discover the beauties of the city of Trento and the surrounding itineraries, from lakes to the mountains.

SERVICE POINT with toolbox and tire inflation area available to all guests.
Charging stations for e-bikes.

Hall of mirrors, with capacity for up to 26 people and 3 speakers. Equipped with: cloth, projector, sound system, blackboard and free WiFi. Located on the first floor, it allows pleasant moments of pause thanks to the terrace overlooking the historic center of Trento.

Ultrafast WiFi

With WiFi that is constantly monitored, you can watch your favorite series on Netflix or finish the presentation for tomorrow's meeting, with a secure and fast connection!


Our staff is available to guests 24 / 24h for advice, suggestions and resolution of any problem.


In front of our hotel we have some parking spaces usable for loading and unloading luggage and for guests with disabilities.

CONVENTIONS: we are affiliated with a special price, with two parking lots in the immediate vicinity of our Hotel.
We will advise you best at the time of your arrival.


From 7.00 to 10.30 our breakfast will give you the perfect "hello" to start the day in the best way!

Lounge Bar

From 7.00 to 22.00 our Lounge Bar is open to hotel guests and also to city guests who are looking for the perfect place for a business coffee or a quiet place to work at a presentation or celebrate with friends.


Fitness room available to all hotel guests and America Apartments.
A selection of tools recommended by technogym experts, combined with some special gems such as indoor rowers or seated bikes, do not miss the equipment for ground or wall exercises.

OPENING HOURS: from 8.00 to 22.00, every day.

El Merican Bistrot

Our Bistrot is open to all guests of the Hotel, Apartments and customers of the city who wish to enjoy "something good" at any time of the day: cold cuts and cheeses, hot proposals designed with the heart and made with local products, tasty desserts, perfect for small moments of ecstasy.
Did you get hungry?


You can rent a city bike at 20.00€ per person per day, with a luggage rack and a padlock. E-bike, 40.00€ per persona a day.
Book in advance your bike by writing to
A workshop area is always available for any minor repairs and tire inflation.
Charging stations for e-bikes.

Laundry room

With a token purchased at reception you can take advantage of the laundry service and ironing area to be always ready for tomorrow's meeting or evening in the city.

Le Camere

What you will find in your room

Siamo sicuri riusciremo a trovare la camera perfetta per voi e con tutti i servizi pensati con il cuore e un pizzico di fantasia!

Soft pillows
Selection of tea and herbal teas
Bathroom with great privacy
Conditioned air
Large shower or bathtub
Exclusive courtesy set at Müller Thurgau Wine

Are you ready for your time in Trento?



Info desk

Available 24/24h

Living Trento

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